23 August 2009

Food in Cesky Krumlov

All things quiet except for the clopping of our shoes on the cobbled streets, we stumbled upon this quaint restaurant called Svejk, at Latran.

Josef Svejk is a character of a novel, The Good Soldier Svejk, by Jaroslav Hasek. It is a novel inspired by the author's participation in the 91st Infantry Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I. It is said that this novel depicts comical episodes of anti-war messages; illustrating the pointlessness and futility of conflict in which fifteen million people died.

Fully ignorant of what history rested on this restaurant then, we were more interested with the menu. We loved the potato with mushrooms and bacon so much, we actually attempted our own version when we returned home.

Another interesting and popular dessert in Czech is Trdelnik, which we didnt have room left in our tummy to try. It's a sweet pastry made from rolled dough, wrapped around a wooden stick, baked over open fire and topped with sugar and walnut mix.


dainfomaster on August 25, 2009 at 8:41 AM said...

I thought you might be interested in these Švejk-related projects:

1) a GENUINE ŠVEJK'S FACEBOOK PAGE at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Good-Soldier-Svejk/133349009873

2) the SVEJK CENTRAL at http://SvejkCentral

3) a new English translation at http://zenny.com

4) Jarda Šeráks tri-lingual web site at http://www.serak.cz/Svejk/b1_en.htm and

5) Jomar Hønsi's Google Maps application http://honsi.org/literature/svejk/?page=7&lang=nn charting Švejk's progress which you can find at his Norwegian language site http://honsi.org/literature/svejk/


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