24 July 2009

Madurodam, Hague

This is where you will find all the famous sites in The Netherlands! Hang on! In miniatures sizes, all scaled to 1:25 =). I have for a very looooooong time been dreaming of the day i'll be here myself.
.2 decades ago.
I was flippin' through my aunt's photo album. They've just returned from the UK for my cousin's graduation and had then took a trip to this miniature city. Those pictures 20 years ago took me on a fantasy ride, just like any other child's disney dream. I thought to myself, "I want to go there someday."

Here's my someday, with a very special person ;)

For roughly 12euro, you get to see models of Netherland's windmills, ferries, drawbridges, trains, dam square, dom tower, gouda cheese market, cathedrals, castles dutch quarters, street scenes. The windmills are turning, trains are running to and from stations, boats are sailing the canals, I bet this place is quite a wonder at night.


Steven Goh on August 19, 2009 at 9:25 PM said...

Alamak!! call out the military... Godzilla (Ivan) in Neatherlands.. And he's smiling too..

sob..sob... there goes the neighbourhood..

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