21 May 2008

While mama is away...

my old man automatically assumes the role of father and mother. Whilst my mama is enjoying the cool sunshine with family in China, my old man is busy buying fruits, walking our dog, plucking the odd sprouts, making sure i have my face towel in the bathroom and calling to check if i want any tapaos. 

.He just cant sit still!.

He is obsessive about cleanliness and he must spend every free time he has doing something productive... well, 'cept for early mornings when he has to watch those stupid taiwanese patpor debates that always end up in fist fights and a plateful of foul language, cracks him up he says. 

Sometimes parents can really get on your nerves, sometimes they are simply amusing.

Last Sunday.
Me: "Mama, where are you?"
Mama: "We are at Shenzhen airport, waiting for transit to Hang Zhou."
Me: "Ok. Shenzhen nice?"
Mama: "I m at airpot lah! Not outside. But airpot very big. I message 1 time 0.80 cents. I have $4 only. You tell daddy oh."

.Faint. I laughed like a nut.

On Monday.
Me: "Pa, forgot to tell you mum is already in Hang Zhou"
Old man (while ironing his shirt to pass time): "Ohya, she sms me today. I asked her if Hang Zhou women are beautiful."
Me: "Hah.. crazy fool.."
Old man: "You know what she replied me? She said i dont know about Hang Zhou women but Hang Zhou men are very handsome. Looks like she's learnt my style. Wahahahaha.."
Me: "Behhhhh tahannnnnnn u!!!!"

.I laughed all the way to my room and i can still hear him giggling.

I have a clown at home. A clown who has a gawd-damn sarcastic sense of humour but i like. =)


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