21 October 2007

The tide is low

Day: Friday, 19 October 2007 - Day Dive
DiveCrew: Elvin, Eric, Edward, Ann, Simon, Albert, Alisa, Myself, Cik Azli and Hj Kula
Dive Site: Ramadhan Reef
Viz: Poor
Max Depth: 12m
Dive Time: 90m

Our day started off from the Yacht Club in Serasa... we were struggling to maneuver Elvin's boat around barely 0.5m level of water. Paddling might have gotten us out of the jetty faster. It was a beautiful day and i was really looking forward to the poo enjoying her dive after a 6 month hiatus. I was also excited about using Caroline's strobe however it did not even made it into the water. Flat battery. The things that will only happen to me...

Cik Azli kept us on our toes when he said he'll bring us to a new reef. A new reef?! All that was clouding my head was "i'm sooo gonna name this reef". But cheh... it turned out to be Ramadhan Reef, a reef found and named during the month of Ramadhan. And no, had it been an unnamed reef, it wont be anything like HariRaya reef.

Our 1st dropoff was pretty much a disaster, the current started picking up.. Alisa was bobbing in and out of the water threatening to give up her dive, we descended to ripples of sand with a few abandoned corals here and there. The reef was nowhere in sight. Elvin and Eric took to the West hoping to find it then *Bham* we bumped into a clutter of tires. Coool… I wont even begin to describe how poor the visibility is, and I wont even attempt to photoshop this picture. This is exactly how the water looks like. Green and murky, nothing beyond 2m is visible.

We were playing and shooting a few ikan pusu until i realised we’re getting nowhere so I signaled to head East. Then we got distracted by this queer lil' fellow…

.Pot belly narrow-lined puffer.
.A pretty feather pen with what might be a friggin' xeno crab clinging on!..Gahhh.

Thanks to my amazing navigation skill (nah, it was pure luck :P) we managed to find the reef. Though our bottom time was pretty much limited by then.
.Feels xmassy already.

All i could say is reef's healthy but i wasnt smitten. Dont know why but this reef just doesnt exude character.
Spent my remaining bottom time pestering 'em nemoooos...

... and watching a hero in action!
.Aiyak.. i feel tipsy, i cant walk..Dont worry my friend, you can always count on me.

Ok, i'm feeling a lil'bit retarded. If it wasnt for Zing, this dive log probably wont be posted until god-knows-when. I do need to be egged on once in a while. However, the weather has been the pits lately. This is probably the last dive for me this year. So till next year...

.The captains are signing-off!.


Zing on November 3, 2007 at 12:16 PM said...

Hi Lee Ming! YYet another amazing shots you have this time! Your photos make all the anticipation worthwhile.. i luv the clown fish photos :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi ... just stumbled into your blog. I love the pics, and I'm very very very (to the infinity) impressed.

I really want to learn diving, but am too afraid of sharks. Everytime I get into the sea, that's one thing I think of instantly. What's your advice if I was to ever learn the sport?

PS. I have sinus problem, I am half-blind, I float and don't know how to sink (maybe I've got a big ar$e, hahaha)... Tell me how to overcome and be able to enjoy marine life.


Lee on December 11, 2007 at 9:19 AM said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks! I guess people always relate the deep blue sea to sharks and attacks thanks to the good ol' days of Jaws. You'll be surprised to know that most sharks (i.e. white tips and black tips) in the Asean region and infact very shy and are elusive when approached. Chances are you'd be chasing them to have a better look instead of vice versa.

I'd to believe your fear for sharks will subside greatly when you actually take a dip yourself. You'd be too engrossed with the live underwater to even think of sharks.

As for the other "problems" you say you have, i dont see them as problems serious enough to stop you from diving. Perhaps consulting a qualified instructor will give you a better picture. If you are really keen, email me at bubbles_222@hotmail.com. I'll be glad to arrange that for you =)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, will e-mail you after new year.

Cheers. Enjoy x-mas and new year if you are celebrating.

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