04 September 2007


I was only away for 3 days, 3 days without watering, and when i came home, my Little Myrtle shrivelled up. It was dried to the point of crispiness, the softest touch would send the branch raining leaves. My precious bonsai!!

When mum saw it, she shook her head, took the scissors and starting snipping away. Before i could finish yelling "What do you think you're doing??!!" She started sighing and giving me the pep talk about growing plants and being responsible.

"Look at it, it's already dead anyways"
"If it grows back, u're lucky.. if not, that's it, it's gone"
"How could someone as lazy as you think about growing bonsai"

.Huge and heavy sigh!.

.(L) July. (R) August.

Since then, i would religiously put it out at night to collect dew, bring it in during the day, water it, the works basically, until one day....

I squinted like 20 times before leaping around.. waving my arms hysterically "It's alive, it's alive!!!"
That tiny green sprout of life totally made my day. I thought i had green fingers after all. I brought it back to life! I was one happy woman!

But i'm ashamed to say, i got comfortable with the knowledge that it survived the worst, and at times forget to remove it from direct sunlight, so that tiny hope turned crispy brown.

.Praying for miracle No.2.

.I must learn to be consistent.


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