19 November 2010

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04 March 2010

Perhaps this is what you call love...

I believe most of us, young or old, married or not, sparkle and tear at a tale of a great love story. I believe that we too would want a love story of our own. No matter how your story begins, no matter how many times you've tore off those pages, i hope and wish you find a character who fills the gaps in your life and to journey through an adventure larger than you've ever dreamed of. You can paint your own happy ending. :)

21 January 2010

The Lesser Town

On our 2nd day, we awoke to heavy snowfall. It was cold and damp when we started our walk. We were kissed by snowflakes. And again, i felt that smile forming, that smile when i first saw snow. Just for a while, i'm truly happy.

Today, our mission is to cover the other side of town, the Lesser Town. To get there, we had to cross the Vltava River over Charles Bridge (Karluv Most).

On the day we were here, we saw artists displaying and selling their creations and aspiring musicians who gave life to the bridge with music befitting the weather. It would have been more of an atmospheric walk had we not been busy dodging other tourists.

The key attraction on this bridge has to be the 30 statues from the 18th century and the view of the castle on the hill above. There was one particular statue that had the attention of many. Amidst whispers, people started reaching for the golden shine at the bottom of this statue. There has to be a reason why everyone is doing this, even the Japanese, though i half-suspect some of them have no idea what is the mystery behind it. So, being predictable tourists, we touched it for good measure.

When i finally googled it when we returned, word has it that touching that particular statue will bring you good luck, ensure your return to Prague and grant you a wish. It is the Statue of St.John of Nepomuk, the 8th statue on your right (heading from Old Town Square). John of Nepomuk was a priest in Prague under King Wenceslas IV. The priest received the confessions of the Queen and unfortunately for the priest, the King was a very suspicious man. He wanted to know the Queen's confessions which Nepomuk would not reveal, not even to the King, because it would be against his commitment of confidentiality. Nepomuk was therefore exectued by being thrown into the Vltava River from the bridge and drowned.

Some metres before the actual statue is a small golden cross marking the spot where the saint's body was thrown. Touch the cross and make a wish, it is said to come true within a year and one day!

At the end of Charles Bridge, is the ancient gate to the Lesser Town. This is such a lovely quarter at the base of the Prague castle, crowded with charming buildings, boutique shops, Czech bars and restaurants, churches and quaint side streets that i cant get enough of. At the centre of the square, you will find the primary landmark of Lesser Town - St. Nicholas Church, probably a meeting place for many.

We stopped for a cuppa hot chocolate at a cafe that so happened belongs to one of the owners of Ferrari. And obviously, the waitresses are - hot.
As you head towards Prague Castle, be warned, you will have to climb Nerudova Street, something similar to one of the hill in Tasek - I was totally not prepared for the bloody exhaustive hike. This street was named after a poet and journalist, Jan Neruda, who lived in the House of Suns (No.47). Here, you will find houses that are identified by 'house signs' above their main door instead of house numbers. This street has more painted house signs that any other street in Prague. This one below is the House of Three Little Fiddles, home to a family of violin makers in the 1700s.

The Prague Castle is reputedly the largest medieval castle in Europe, and one of the biggest castles in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. There were just too many students queuing for the castle tour so we spent time instead admiring the splendid view of the city, in and out of St.Vitus Cathedral, wandering about Golden Lane and then getting abit lost.

.Night view of Prague Castle.

St.George's Basilica - the oldest church building within the Prague Castle complex. It now serves as a concert hall.
After a long and tiring day, we treated ourselves to Czech cuisine at Mustek restaurant in Wenceslas Square. Boon got adventurous and went for one of their specialty - the Sword of Charles IV.

If you're a meat person and up for a challenge, I absolutely recommend you to go for the Beefsteak for free Competition. You stand to win a 2.2 pound beef steak for FREE provided you eat according to their rules! If you're gung-ho enough, give the waiter your name, pay a deposit of CZK 3,200 roughly BND$200 (that is the cost of the beef!), beef is cooked to your liking, and you have 30 mins to clean it up. Dont even attempt to cheat because you will be under the watchful eyes of the waiters. By the 40th minute, if you have nothing left in your mouth, you WIN! Free meal but pay for your own drinks.

Here's a list of items that would disqualify you:

You`ll break the rules if

1. you don`t manage to eat your beef steak within 30 minutes
2. you leave your table during the competition
3. your beef steak or any part of it is eaten by a third person
4. you die

This brave American dude took the challenge. We were all cheering him on, but by the time he got to the 3rd piece, he surrendered.

Prague... ahhhh...
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