06 November 2008

And the nomad takes off again...

A break from my Cambodia t-logs to bid my cousin, Zing, a safe and meaningful journey to South Africa. Amazing as it is, we share the same birth date and ironic as it is, we celebrated our birthday together for the 1st time only when we were in college, away from home. Ask any of our family members, and the common derivative is we're One Heaven, One Hell. One well-behaved-one mischievous, One studious-one playful, you get my drift.. we're not exactly two peas in a pod.

Although i'd like to believe we're similar in subtle and funny ways, our nature of independence will never match. 3 years ago, she left Singapore with a backpack for South America. On her own, for 3 whole months. She spent her time whisking from:

(.All Photos by Zing.)

Rio de Janeiro to

Natal, Brazil to

Fernando de Norohona, Brazil to

Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Igussu Falls, Argentina to

Bueno Aires, Argentina to

Bariloche, Argentina to

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile to

Fitz Roy, Argentina to

Perito Moreno, Argentina to

Easter Island, Chile to

Santiago de Chile to

Iquique, North Chile to

Colca Canyon, Peru to

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia to

Inca Trail, Manchu Picchu, Peru to

Cuzco, Peru to

Nazca Lines, Peru to


.Photos by Zing.

2 years ago, she took off to India, and yet again... alone. Read this.

This time, she left her position in Ernst & Young, enough she said. Not sure what the future holds at this moment, she left for Kenya yesterday. 3 weeks of Safari and then she's on to Uganda for a life-changing experience. She will be volunteering at a non-profit organisation on a malaria project. Firstly, to improve their accounting internal control system, provide training and later to rural areas to dispense medicine.

Zing, you're an inspiration and my window to the world.
Take care, dont stay there too long!
I cant wait for your posts and send me many, many postcards!

.Much love to you.
P.S: Make sure you're back in Brunei next year to strike diving off your to-do list.

SJ's post for Zing here. More of Zing's adventures here.


Anonymous said...

ha.. your post is more detail!!!

Pandachu on November 10, 2008 at 2:45 PM said...

Ur cousin is my hero!!

Anonymous said...

those pictures is called 'living'. i want it too. U_U


Zing... on November 30, 2008 at 6:23 AM said...

After living in the wild for 3 wks, finally have more time to read all the blogs i frequent, i realised i have been blogged!Thanks babe! Appreciate this post! You always do it so well. I have post some photos in facebook.. will try to update blog asap. Internet is a luxury in East Africa, fast and cheap ones are hard to comeby. I have seen the wildlife of Africa.. now is time to meet the locals and learn about their history and cultures..
Cheers from Nairobi, Kenya

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