11 September 2008

The story of the 3 siblings

This is a story about 3 siblings (16, 10 and 9 year olds) who were abandoned by their parents and are struggling to make ends meet.

Their plight was covered by Iskandar and Liza yesterday and it has already received overwhelming response from Bruneians home and abroad. I believe some of us, and undeniably myself, at first instance would not hesitate to judge their parents for abandoning them. What i cannot understand is, from a woman's point of view... from a mother's point of view, how can a mother leave her young to the hands of fate. However, true to Reeda's words, more need to be known before they are labelled.

.Some facts about the 3 siblings.
Information extracted from Liza's site.

"Their home: The siblings are staying remotely within the squatter's area of Kampong Jabang Seria. I am sure you know make-shift houses are built illegally on the concession land so they are no proper numbering system there, which is a reason why i could not furnish you with the home address.

Their background: Their parents are jobless and his father is an ex-cop while their mother used to operate a food stall in Seria until few months ago, when they decided to move on Kampong Bangtajuh in Ulu Belait and start a new life as fishermen without their children. They do not leave behind proper food supplies or some cash for groceries. So the children survive on fishes they catch from the river and only drink rainwater.


The eldest among the siblings is Bobby, and he has a 10-year-old younger sister, Maullena and 9-year-old brother Bonny, the youngest. But according to Bobby, his parents do drop by twice monthly and bring their catch home. They are not fully aware that they are being abandoned which leaves Bobby to be the breadwinner for his young siblings.


Their suffering: During heavy downpour, these siblings are splattered with rain waters as a result of the broken ceilings and missing window panes. Messy and dirty kitchen utensils as they have no water supply; moldy mattresses and bed sheets.

They walk back and forth every day to school. And their school uniforms and bags are all worn out. They had to skip breakfast and lunch in school cuz they just have no pocket money. They are flat broke."

The good thing that came out from this is not only bringing public awareness to their woeful condition, and rather than just a massive once-off donation, Liza and team has considered long-term support for these children. They are in the midst of discussion with a school to open a joint savings account for the children.

"This is to ensure that the funds will not be mismanage or misuse and utilized wisely. And furthermore it will allow people overseas to transfer or wire monies straight to their account. Once it is open, we will reveal the numbers in our blog.."

How you can help:

They have organised a date where the public can meet and offer their contributions to the children personally @
Venue: Anthony Abell College, Seria
Date: Tuesday, 16 September
Time: 1.30pm

If you are not travelling to Seria on that day, contact Liza
babelizcious_78@yahoo.com to make other arrangements.

Please visit their site, Iskandar and Liza, for detailed information on the siblings and follow-up on their acts of love.


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